Our drone concepts are designed with an auto stable rig, with the aerodynamic incidence controlled by the camber of the tail, which gives us by far the most energy efficient system.
This arrangement, without rotation axes, generates a complete frame which makes the system particularly resistant.
The 100% composite wing equipped with our muscle camber control system, without any mechanical element, is completely insensitive to harsh the marine environment.
The wing offers a large surface area receiving solar panels, ensuring not only the power supply of the instruments and piloting management but also electric power propulsion in good weather and flat calm.
The drones are designed with almost zero windage which gives them, in addition to excellent upwind performance, great course stability, therefore saving steering energy.

Two drone versions:

Fast & Stable version

Sailing drone designed with dynamic stabilisation foils and just enough ballast to right up the capsized drone.
Fast navigation with low heel in light weather.

High Wave version

Sailing drone designed for heavy offshore conditions.
Perfect tumbling capacity due to his enhanced ballast.


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